15 août, 2007

Presque rien photos de Stéphane Rideau

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Presque rien  photos de Stéphane Rideau dans Photos 044a5b61kf9  054bade9ck5 dans presque rien   



Téphane rideau dans presque rien

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le film inspire de nombreux bloggeurs

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28 mai, 2007

presque rien

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un forte envie de revoir le film ………………………….

13 avril, 2007

presque rien Stephane Rideau

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19 mars, 2007

Come Undone

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interview dans commentaires Cedric%20smokes

Stéphane Rideau (Cédric) has steadily acted in features since 1994, appearing in such internationally acclaimed films as Sitcom (1999), written and directed by François Ozon and Peter Hewitt, and Gaël Morel’s Full Speed (1996). Rideau is best known for his role in Wild Reeds, the 1995 National Society of Film Critics and New York Film Critics Circle winner for Best Foreign Film.

Stéphane Rideau Interview
by Lawrence Ferber, May 2001

Stéphane Rideau was born in July 1976 in the Southwest of France near Agen.


How did you happen to become an actor?


I was very lucky to become an actor because it certainly wasn’t anything I had planned. I had the intention of pursuing a career in sports, and it was a complete accident that I became an actor. I was discovered in 1992 for ‘Wild Reeds’ by André Techiné, while I was playing rugby. I went to Paris to audition, and I was chosen for the part. I was 16 at the time.

What does your family think of your success?

They are very happy about it.

Stéphane, you’ve always gone for sexually charged, provocative roles. Do you seek them out or do they seek you out?

It’s probably just an impression I give. Maybe also my first role in ‘Wild Reeds’ established me in that type of role.

What do you think of working with André Techiné

Working with him is a lot of fun. First off, he directed me in my first film. André Techiné pays a lot of attention to his actors and bestows a great amount of trust in them. He pushes his actors to the edge and won’t give up until he gets the performances he wants from them.

What do you remember about working with François Ozon?

Ozon is much more direct than André Techiné. He takes less time and shoots more simply and spontaneously.

What intrigued you about the script of Come Undone?

What intrigued me about ‘Come Undone’ was that for once, I wasn’t playing a character who was being pursued; it was my character that took the initiative in the relationship with Mathieu.

What did you like about working with Sébastien Lifshitz?

Sébastien is a caring soul who works with love.

What memories do you have of the production team of ‘Come Undone’?

Evenings after shooting, the swim parties on the beach.

Do you have a particular experience with Lifshitz that you’d like to tell us about ?

I remember that Sébastien Lifshitz is a friend on one hand, but can be very demanding when it comes to working with actors.

How did you get along with Jérémie?

The best moments of filming ‘Come Undone’ were the ones spent with Jérémie, playing ping pong and going to the Casino at night. Jérémie has remained a good friend. We telephone each other often, now that I live out in the country.

Of all the parts that you have played, which is the closest to the ‘true’ Stéphane Rideau?

The role of Serge in ‘Wild Reeds’.

You are in a relationship now, right? Can you tell us more?

I came back to live in the Southwest of France in January 2000. I am living now with Celia, with whom I have a little girl, Eva, who is four months old.

Are you considered a sex symbol in France ?

Oh, that’s not for me to say!

What do gay people think of you?

If seeing me in films can help certain homosexuals live better, so much the better.

What did you think of working with Pierre et Gilles?

The photo session went very well. It was great that these two top professionals were available to work with us. But I haven’t seen them again since.

Have you lost out on any roles because of the sexually provocative nature of some of your roles?

I certainly hope not.

Do you have any new projects coming up?

Andre Techiné’s next film ‘Loin’ (Far) will be coming out next. And I am going to begin filming Martin Prouvost’s ‘The Belly of Juliette’ starring Carmen Maura beginning the 4th of June in Marseille. [note à to be produced by Didier Boujard of ‘La Confusion des Genres’ (Confusion of Genders), another Picture This! release.]

11 mars, 2007

toujours : presque rien

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presque rien BA

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10 mars, 2007

l’avis de Sébastien Lifshitz

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 l'avis de Sébastien Lifshitz dans commentaires Presque%20Rien-2

A propos du film :Le sujet du film n’était pas de raconter la formation d’un couple puis son évolution. Je ne voulais pas faire l’historique d’une relation avec toute la psychologie que cela suppose. Je voulais vraiment prendre une personne à un moment de sa vie où elle est encore en construction, et la suivre un temps. Mathieu est dans une période de déséquilibre : il doit s’affranchir de sa famille, quitter l’adolescence alors qu’il fait la découverte de son homosexualité et du sentiment amoureux. Tout cela se mêle et le déstabilise, d’autant plus que l’on sent un passé familial assez lourd : un père absent, une mère dépressive, un frère mort… Lui-même a une propension à la mélancolie et la dépression assez forte… Mon travail tourne essentiellement autour de l’idée du portrait : prendre un individu et tenter de mettre en images son paysage intérieur, on pourrait presque appeler ça l’espace du dedans. Et le récit éclaté du film, mêlant sans cesse présent et passé, me permet de mieux m’approcher de cela. Sébastien Lifshitz, Réalisateur, extrait du dossier de presse

photos presque rien

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